FAQ - Maintenance

How to maintain our windows & doors?

Your timber windows and doors require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they do last a lifetime. Under the ’Duce Guarantee’ it is required that you maintain your windows and doors in the best possible way. A six-monthly check and thorough clean is recommended in clean air environments, and a three-monthly check and thorough clean is recommended in coastal or damp environments. Some areas have more stringent requirements to ensure their warranty.

How to apply extra coats of finish?

Following installation, you need to apply extra coats of finish. This will offer longer time frames between touch-ups. Check the finish every six months and re-coat and touch-up as necessary.

How to vacuum the tracks?

We recommend all dirt, sand, dust and any other debris be removed as regularly as possible. Particularly for sliding windows and doors. This will protect your rollers and limit potential functionality issues. Why not include this in your regular weekly clean?

How to lubricate moving parts?

Keep rollers, locks and hinges lubricated with a silicone based spray.

How to clean the glass?

Clean and inspect your windows at least once every 6 months or more often if desired. If your windows are subjected to spillage of cement, render or other waste, you must wash them clean immediately or you may risk a permanent stain or damage to your window frames.

Avoid harsh utensils

Do not use metal scrapers to remove paint etc from glass surfaces as many of the new high performance glass options have surfaces that are easily scratched or damaged if not properly cared for.

Avoid high pressure cleaners

Do not hose down your windows with a ‘Gernie’, they are not designed for this and high-pressure water may leak inside, or worse – break the glass.